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ISBN13: 9780981247519 NordicSpace 2012

Who's Who in the Nordic and Canadian Space Industry

General Description:
NordicSpace 2012: Who's Who in the Nordic and Canadian Space Industry

A select group of brilliant minds works together in the space sector in Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Their fields of expertise range from Astronomy and Physics to Information Technology and Space Law

NordicSpace 2012 is the first reference work of its kind to present their lives and work for readers around the globe who need to know or are simply curious about some of the contemporary world's greatest minds.

One of the Most Authoritative Directories for the Aerospace Sector

This perfect-bound 148x210 mm. reference handbook and expert directory covers Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and space sector experts ranging from space lawyers and astro-biologists to mission technicians, engineers and astrophysicists. It provides concise and to-the-point listings for each biographee as well as an alphabetical index at the end sorted by both North American Industry Classification and Nordic Occupational Code. It makes for a high-quality information source and library item, offering:

  • Clear, systematic and easy-to-read entries which contain information known to be of crucial interest to most users
  • A forward in English and Swedish
  • Carefully-chosen and reader-relevant company promotions from some of the most noted and solid names in the aerospace industry
  • Subject experts chosen solely through professional bodies and vetted aerospace industry enterprises
  • Materials designed to ensure a long life and prerequisites for long-term archival for posterity
Examples of Suitability and Use
  • Professional Directory for Aerospace Personnel Worldwide
  • Biographical and Information Source at University and Space Organization Libraries
  • Information Source at Professional Association Libraries
  • Collector's Item for Space Industry Historians and Archives
  • Source Reference for Journalists and Media Organizations
  • Tool for Finding Potential New Research Partners
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