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ISBN13: 9780981247564 Original History of The SPACEPOL Corporation, Volume 1

General Description:
Original History of The SPACEPOL Corporation

The STATUTES AND HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS OF THE SPACEPOL CORPORATION Series chronicles both the history and the development of the legislation of The SPACEPOL Corporation.

The series was developed to preserve corporate history for posterity and to be used in the training of key personnel.

It is also interesting and informative reading for those who are interested in the history of Canadian corporations and who wish to understand the policies, background and operations of The SPACEPOL Corporation.

A Rich and Intriguing Source of Information on Canadian Corporate History

Why do high-knowledge enterprises abandon the setting in which they were born? What are the factors that shape the experiences of high-knowledge entrepreneurs and guide their decisions and attitudes? How well do expatriates fare when they open local high-knowledge businesses in foreign markets and what methods can they use to counter or get around possible local discrimination and exclusion?

A more than casual reading of the Original History of The SPACEPOL Corporation with its numerous historical riches reveals some tantalizing answers to these questions.

This historical chronicle also offers:

  • Colour illustrations and representations of historical documents
  • Rich footnotes, annotations and comments by the editors
  • A clear source of inspiration and ideas for Canadian and other expatriates facing hindrances and other exclusionary measures abroad
  • A potentially valuable historical collector's item bound to trigger discussion and comment during coming decades
  • A unique take on corporate ethics, generational critique and wisdom as an essential ingredient in corporate governance
Examples of Suitability and Use
  • An important and unique item for corporate and national historical archives
  • A major Canadiana item for university, institute and government libraries
  • A collector's item for scholars of corporate history and SPACEPOL history
  • A corporation-specific information item for business-rating agencies worldwide
  • Elective Reading for Advanced Course in Business History and Strategy
  • Required Reading for businesses and entrepreneurs investigating the Nordic high-knowledge markets
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