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ISBN13: 9780981247571 Journal of the Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation, Volume I

General Description:
Journal of the Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation

The JOURNAL OF THE GOVERNOR OF THE SPACEPOL CORPORATION Series is a compiled and published chronological collection of the actual journals kept by the various governors of The SPACEPOL Corporation.

Released bi-annually, the JOURNAL is gradually de-classified and made available to carefully selected libraries and archives. It is subsequently made public and available for sale in many countries.

The JOURNAL illuminates the history and development of The SPACEPOL Corporation and chronicles the experiences of corporate governors during their period of leadership and frankly presents their ideas, reactions to contemporary phenomena and their corporate problem-solving techniques.

Not Just History: A Preview and Sounding Board for New Ideas and Innovations

What do SPACEPOL, Space Law, Exit Networking, Hebrew-script Ladino and Planet Shock have in common? Those who haven't read the JOURNAL OF THE GOVERNOR OF THE SPACEPOL CORPORATION won't see the connection. Those who have know that each of these themes and many other up and coming concepts or ideas are all bound together in this thought-provoking and engaging volume.

The JOURNAL is seen as a formidable source of thought on many important subjects ranging from Business Strategy to Space Law, National Innovation Policy and Scientific Modeling. This volume presents a historical chronicle of the various challenges faced by the First Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation as well as a lucid discussion on new and innovative concepts or ideas.

This volume contains:

  • A discussion of the earliest beginnings of SPACEPOL and the ideas behind the network
  • A provocative account of how SPACEPOL and its founders overcame severe obstacles
  • Insights into the methods used to break free and become an international enterprise
  • Lucid and helpful footnotes and annotations by the volume editor
  • Hebrew-script Ladino texts demonstrating the use of that language as a viable modern medium
  • Presentations of new concepts and methods in Space Law, International Economics, Public Technology Policy and Business Strategy
  • A comprehensive summary in Spanish
Examples of Suitability and Course Use
  • An important and unique item for corporate and national historical archives
  • A major Canadiana item for university, institute and government libraries
  • A collector's item for scholars of corporate history and SPACEPOL history
  • An original source publication for ideas that will likely become more prominent during the next few decades
  • Future of Space Law, including New Ideas and Methods
  • Business Strategies for Expatriate Corporations and Businesses
  • Models in Science: Examples from Technology Policy Analysis
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