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Providing You with Much More Than Books

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | SPACEPOL Academic Publishers started out as a spinoff enterprise in the university world. With that background, we are well aware of how books and new knowledge are distributed in the Academy and we are here to help universities, colleges and training centres do a better job. In addition to the best high-knowledge books and models, we provide the best authors to help you start the process of knowledge renewal and dissemination.

2017 to Focus on Government Online and the IMTPA

Focus on online and offline lectures in support of our books will be on better implementation of Government Online (GOL) in light of the findings and model developed in our 2018 flagship textbook. We encourage universities, colleges and training centres to take advantage of this this year's offerings.

Subscription to online materials such as lectures on how to use the IMTPA, what it is and what it might help you do is an option for institutions located outside of our geographic service area. In some cases customized materials may be offered to these institutions. Onsite appearances by authors are another option. We encourage institutions to book authors well in advance of a planned event, as they are likely to be very tightly scheduled right after the release of a book.

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