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Providing the Information You Need When You Need It

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | SPACEPOL Academic Publishers provides updated information around the clock and in most cases free of charge to libraries, wholesalers, bookstores and agencies worldwide. This page includes information and a customized working menu with your particular situation and needs in mind.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! (2017-08-30)

Libraries and wholesalers have recently received erroneous data from external parties regarding where and how to order our titles. Please note that the ordering and other information presented on our corporate websites is authoritative in case of conflicting information. If you have experienced difficulties or delays in ordering our titles, we would like to hear from you and will work with you to ensure that suppliers provide you with correct information and prompt delivery.

SPACEPOL Book Wholesalers Have a Unique Global Niche Market

As a book wholesaler stocking between 200 and 3000 copies of various SPACEPOL titles you have a unique opportunity to tap into a vast potential global niche market for high-knowledge publications. And you will be getting the help and support you need from the publisher. We provide the products your market urgently needs. We offer extensive data and support materials to help you do what you do best. Our knowledge-intensive and strategic products combined with your well-developed network and sales capabilities are a recipe for success in tapping the vast global markets.

Find Information about Current and Planned Releases

You will find a customized working menu to the right. Please choose an option relevant to your particular needs or task. You will find further human-readable information on various titles sorted according to product line by using the left-hand menu.

Latest Update: 2017-08-30

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