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From University Spinoff Project to One-of-a-kind Canadian Publisher

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers wasn't always a globally-known Canadian academic publishing house. In fact, in 1998 SPACEPOL was started as a university spinoff project offering a virtual researcher network for the subjects of Space Law and Information Technology Policy Analysis. Books have been written on the subject of the founding and history of that network which was also the first of its kind. However, SPACEPOL Academic publishers, as it is known today, was established in Québec, Québec in March of 2005 as an academic publishing house specializing in the fields of Space Law, National Innovation Policy Analysis and Public Technology Management.

Part of The SPACEPOL Corporation

From 2005 to 2008, SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires Academic Publishers was the Québec-based publishing arm of a non-incorporated enterprise which also included a consulting arm- SPACEPOL Conseillers de gestion publique Government Policy Consulting. In June of 2008 these and all other related activities were brought together under one Canadian corporate roof. Since 16th June 2008, SPACEPOL Academic Publishers has been an integral part of The SPACEPOL Corporation.

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