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Recommended Coursebooks and Reading - Bookwise

The table below lists our most popular current book releases and offers a short list of suggested or example courses which might benefit from each publication. Suitable publications for use as required or optional reading are listed, followed by the rubric of the courses as a general guide for potential purchases for educational institutions or research institutes.

ISBN Book Title Course Suggestions
9780981247564 Original History of The SPACEPOL Corporation History of Canadian and European Corporations
The Athena Factor: Brain Drain and Talent Flight from Europe
Fighting the Brain Drain through Knowledge Management and Inclusion
Knowledge Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Case Studies)
Brain Drain, Gain and Circulation- Why does talent enter or exit?
9780981247571 Journal of the Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation* ---- " ----
Minorities and High-knowledge Entrepreneurship- Case Studies
Principles of Space Law: The Future of res communis
New Economic Powers and Post-globalization Thought
Post-collapse and Post-western Economics: The New Security Scenario
The Revival of Ladino as a Modern Audiovisual Language- Case Studies
Research and Modeling in Management Science and Public Administration
9780981247588 Technological Revolution as Political Coup D'état ---- " ----
Innovation, Science and Technology Policy
International Science and Technology Policy
Technology Policy Organizations: A Comparative Approach
Sistemas de innovación y políticas públicas

*Topics are specific to Volume I of this publication.

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