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The World is Not Enough!

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is not a typical publishing house. That is because much of the research carried on in-house at SPACEPOL is itself directed to fields or toward subject matter that few have as yet thought to investigate. Do you know how much the government is spending on information technologies and why? We do! Will the res communis legal regime for outer space that has been the norm for over four decades soon collapse? We have information about that as well! What is trinary code and how might it best be implemented? This technology is also a subject of in-house research at SPACEPOL.

Through well-crafted scientific literature and other intelligently implemented modern media, we disseminate unique and important knowledge on a global basis.

Space Law and Astronautics

We provide some of the best academic literature and textbooks in Space Law and are well-known in the aerospace sector for providing the first reference work of its kind for the Space Industry- NordicSpace: Who's Who in the Nordic and Canadian Space Industry. Our areas of publishing correspond to our in-house research and development in these fields and focus is on legal regime change dynamics, legal contingency analysis for national space agencies as well as methods and models for negotiating and creating new space legislation.

National Innovation and Technology Policy

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers was the first publisher to provide the academic community with a systematic textbook for Public Technology Policy Analysis. The Integrated Model for Public Technology Policy Analysis was in fact developed at SPACEPOL. Both the IMPTA and the textbook are seen as essential tools in the field on a global basis. We provide other literature and course materials that assist technological "late-comer" countries in surpassing and avoiding the technology policy mistakes of many of the early-adopter countries in the industrialized world. Our research and literature have assisted developing countries in avoiding unnecessary or hype-based technology outlays and in wisely implementing the projects they finally do approve.

Economic Analysis and Post-Economic-Collapse Systems Design

While still in the earliest stages, our non-conventional or lateral models for economic analysis of the current world economic and cultural decline have been the subject of various media discussions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We have recently published some preliminary findings in SPACEPOL journals and we continue to improve the new models so that systematic publication of data through various media will become a regular part of our repertoire. We also aim to provide one of the few books available showcasing models for post-economic-collapse recovery and alternative market economies.

New Corporate Strategies for Hostile or Protective Markets

We are among the few academic publishers regularly providing materials which assist gifted expatriate business people in working around trade barriers and exclusionary policies in markets where they happen to be located.

A Sounding Board and Incubator for New Ideas and Models through Early Publication

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers hosts one of the few modern journals available today which openly presents new scientific and business strategy ideas while they are still on the drawing board. In our philosophy, an academic journal is not only a forum in which to present "fully developed" models or ideas. It is also the appropriate forum to lay out some of the best new and upcoming ideas and solutions which may shape the future. Presenting the thinking of the best and the brightest and engaging the international community in an intelligent exchange of ideas through our journals makes SPACEPOL Academic Publishers one of the most consulted publishing houses in the world today.

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