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Legal Deposit is for Readers, Libraries and Publishers

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers adheres to the legislation regarding legal deposit of published materials in those jurisdictions where the titles have been published and any requested bibliographic standard service has been adequately provided.

Factors which may delay or ultimately hinder the receipt of legal deposit copies in a publishing jurisdiction include:

  • Failure to provide a bibliographic service when requested and reminded,
  • Failure to catalogue or to properly catalogue items previously received,
  • Leaving items properly received "in process" for two years or more
Exceptions to Place of Publishing for Corporate Titles

Some non-academic journals or books released under the SPACEPOL corporate imprint or under the imprint of the OCEO SPACEPOL Trust may not list all places of simultaneous publishing. Only the place of first publishing or main publishing location are mentioned. This does not in any way influence whether or not the legal deposit agency in a simultaneous publishing jurisdiction will receive a legal deposit copy.

Legal Deposit of Electronic Publications

Legal deposit of titles published solely in electronic format or additionally in electronic format can be arranged with the national legal deposit agency in a publishing jurisdiction. This presupposes that SPACEPOL Academic Publishers has been granted full access to electronic legal deposit applications in the jurisdiction in question. The receiving legal deposit agency must under all circumstances be able to guarantee that commercially available titles will be properly licensed and restricted to onsite access only.

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