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You Must Agree to the Following Legal Terms of Use of This Website

Your usage in any manner of this and related SPACEPOL Corporation websites is subject to your unconditional agreement to the Legal Terms of Use outlined herein. If you do not agree, cannot agree or have no authority to agree to these terms unconditionally, then you are hereby advised to immediately discontinue visiting the SPACEPOL websites and to cease the use of any content associated with the SPACEPOL websites.

By continuing to use this site you are indicating that you have exercised due diligence by reading the general terms of use of this and related SPACEPOL websites and that you have unconditionally agreed to these terms and have acknowledged and will respect the legal status of the copyrights to all materials contained herein. You are also indicating that you understand that your visit to this site and activities on the SPACEPOL websites and all applications are taking place under Canadian and European Union legal jurisdiction.

The following is a summary of the terms or rules for use of this website:

  • You will only use the website for its intended purpose and will in no way disrupt the normal functioning of the website or introduce any alteration of content.
  • You will respect the copyrights attached to all materials on this website, including copy, images, scripts, styles and all downloadable items.
  • You will in no case transfer any material from this site in a way which breaches the copyright terms applying to or notices found on a webpage, an electronic file or a printable object or item (includes jurisdictional transfer of geographically restricted materials).
  • You understand that all information is provided as is WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and that The SPACEPOL Corporation and its subsidies, affiliates, partners and assigns shall in no case be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by any action or omission of action of the website and that the only remedy provided by SPACEPOL shall be to correct or rectify incorrect information or data when it is properly and specifically brought to our attention.
  • You agree that if your IP (Internet Protocol) address has been blocked by the technical administrators that you will not attempt to circumvent the ban by any means, including the use of proxies and you understand that any such attempt will be reported to the relevant authorities for investigation.
  • You understand that this website and all information or applications herein are primarily directed to a non-US audience and that certain countries may have their entire IP range blocked from the site under circumstances including elevated risk of DoS attacks, cyber-espionage originating from a particular country or substantial increase in related "undesirable" traffic. The non grata country IP block may be temporary or until further notice, depending upon whether the banned jurisdiction has taken appropriate action to prevent the activities from recurring.
  • You have read and understand that website information brokers, site data spy services and related sites or applications linking to or regularly visiting any of the SPACEPOL websites will have their entire IP range permanently blocked from further use of the websites and that other action may be taken if a privacy, trade secrets or similar breach is deemed to have occurred.
  • You agree to the storage and use in Canada or in the European Union (EU) of the personal data you have provided to us through the SPACEPOL websites in order to service your request and only for such a duration as the data are needed to properly service your request and to fulfill our legal obligations in these jurisdictions.

We Will Provide Useful, Wholesome and Educational Content

The SPACEPOL Corporation will make every effort, including through this and other websites to provide reviewed and vetted content that is useful to the academic and professional community. We will do our best to ensure that content is wholesome, constructive, in good taste and presented clearly. We will make every effort to ensure that libraries, educational institutions, government agencies and book industry partners can find the information they need from the website quickly, easily and accurately in one visit. We appreciate your feedback in helping us improve how we do this.

Current Technical Notices

The 2012 revamp of the entire SPACEPOL suite of websites was completed in November of that year and the unrestricted section (EXTraNet) of the website are now functional. The SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting website will be fully functional in December of 2015. Approved users of the Trusted SPACEPOL Website applications (PKINet) will receive notice on the progress of the various applications of the restricted portions of the website.

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