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Providing the Information You Need When You Need It

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | SPACEPOL Academic Publishers provides updated information around the clock and in most cases free of charge to libraries, wholesalers, bookstores and agencies worldwide. This page includes information and a customized working menu with your particular situation and needs in mind.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! (2017-09-04)

The confirmed release date for "Technological Revolution as Political Coup d'etat" is October 2018. Wholesalers who have placed orders will be automatically informed upon release of the book and are then encouraged to order through Ingram.

More Libraries are Purchasing SPACEPOL Books than Ever Before. OASIS and Other Databases are Not Updated!

We are regularly contacted by academic and corporate libraries concerned that current information on our titles is missing from OASIS, MyLibrary and other collection management databases. To address these concerns we have been in contact with the maintainers of OASIS and most major collection management database providers.

Please note, that OASIS profiles and suggestions for libraries are based largely upon information from libraries on topics, publishers and specific books of interest. We encourage libraries wishing to be informed of our title upon availability to enter "SPACEPOL" or "SPACEPOL Academic Publishers" into their list of publishers of interest. This should address most of the problems encountered as SPACEPOL titles are being increasingly requested on a global basis.

Find Information about Current and Planned Releases

You will find a customized working menu to the right. Please choose an option relevant to your particular needs or task. You will find further human-readable information on various titles sorted according to product line by using the left-hand menu.

Latest Update: 2017-09-04

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