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National Repository Programme Requires Efficient Resource Management

The SPACEPOL National Repository Programme, while offering significant strategic information and potential resources, requires that the receiving agencies are proficient at managing information and limited resources. The programme does not require funding or any outlay of activities differing from those which libraries and librarians normally carry out in the course of their official duties. It is unusual that a national library or similar agency is dropped from the programme altogether. When this has occurred, the following factors have been identified in each case:

  • Poorly Formulated, Eccentric or Ambiguous Collection Development Policy
  • Difficulty or Inability on the Part of the Organization to Recognize Strategic Information
  • A General Culture of Workload Avoidance despite National or Clientele Needs
Resources Taken from Inefficient Libraries and Re-distributed

Because the National Repository Programme operates with very limited resources, one priority is to ensure that both information and valuable knowledge products are not wasted. Books and other materials distributed through the programme should go to libraries and agencies that most effectively can utilize them in accordance with the objectives of the programme.

If a library is dropped from the programme, the literature and other high-knowledge materials which that library would have received are instead distributed to a new applicant library. The dropped library may still purchase the materials from a regular bookstore at list prices plus shipping costs.

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