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MARC Record Download Links for Current Titles

Until further notice, SPACEPOL Academic Publishers shall provide free and unrestricted access to aggregate and individual MARC records for all book or journal releases from SPACEPOL and related imprints. Future access may require a trusted client certificate or login and may be subject a charge per record download. Please see the Additional Notes section below for helpful information related to these records.

MARC Format Records

Aggregate Records
Individual Title Records

Additional Notes

Please read the information below before importing a MARC record to your cataloguing systems. Explanations regarding MARC Organization Codes used in the records can be found here. Creation of MARC records or adaptation of existing MARC records is the responsibility of the Orders and Cataloguing Division (DIV003) at SPACEPOL.

  • Fi-EsSPA   (fiesspa)   SPACEPOL Academic Publishers   Default MARCORG Code

    Note: The above code is geographically deprecated and historical in nature, but is still in general use for reasons of backward record compatibility.

  • Fi-EsSPE   (fiesspe)   The SPACEPOL Corporation (Europe)   For Corporate Imprint

    Note: The above code is used only for records created specifically for journals or books issued under the SPACEPOL corporate imprint or under the OCEO Trust imprint.

  • Ar-TrEAS   (artreas)   Editores Académicos SPACEPOL (Argentina)   Not In Use

    Note: The above code is no longer employed. It was used for MARC records created at the Argentina Branch in Patagonia, when the historical Finnish branch had been completely liquidated (2012).

Correct Authority Headings

The following is a list of authority headings found in our MARC records and which are commonly entered incorrectly in the records or catalogues of the national libraries. If you are improving national catalogue records based upon this information, please ensure that this information is reflected correctly in WorldCat and VIAF and that duplicate authorities are merged.

  • SPACEPOL  Should not be used    This authority heading can refer to one of three completely unique imprints. They are not interchangeable.
  • SPACEPOL Academic Publishers  Should be used    This heading should be used for imprint SPACEPOL Academic Publishers. Another acceptable heading variant is SPACEPOL Academic
  • The SPACEPOL Corporation  Should be used    This heading is to be used for journals or books released under the corresponding imprint (insignia on the title page is the SPACEPOL corporate logo instead of the academic publishing imprint logo). Another acceptable heading variant is SPACEPOL Corporation.
  • OCEO SPACEPOL Trust  Should be used    This heading is to be used for journals or books released under the corresponding imprint (insignia on the title page is the coat of arms of the OCEO SPACEPOL Trust). The complete legal name for this imprint is Office of the Chief Executive Officer of The SPACEPOL Corporation (Trust).
  • Author_Name a.k.a. SPACEPOL  Should not be used    The names of authors of books published by one or more of the above imprints are not synonymous with the imprint. Except in cases where it is known that the imprint has been indicated as the author, the imprint should always occupy the role of publisher. The authors, editors or similar contributors should have separate authority headings.
ONIX-XML and MARC-XML Records for Our Titles

For MARC or ONIX bibliographic records in XML format (aggregate or individual record), please visit the ONIX-XML and MARC-XML Data Repository page on this website.

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