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What do you live for?

This is not merely a healthy question for individuals. It is an essential subject for any business or corporation to ponder. And if an enterprise is going to make any difference, the business and its team members must have a good answer to this question. Below you will find our answers.

To Provide Fresh New Academic Books in New and Emerging Fields

Our primary mission is to provide peer-reviewed and well-edited academic literature for important and emerging fields or disciplines such as Space Law, Public Innovation Policy, Public Technology Management and Business Strategy. Our in-house research has also resulted in published titles which include very recently developed experimental models for understanding the economic decline and re-alignment of recent years.

To Be ahead of The Rest in Academic Publishing

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers has aimed to and has in fact succeeded in bringing forth high-end books and journals in its core subject areas before similar literature has even been planned for release at other major publishing houses. Our business model which focuses on the science and on the art of publishing first and foremost allows for this flexibility and foresightedness. Our titles are often not the least expensive, but they are always designed to be the best in their field.

To Be Relevant to Science and Convert Research into Widely-Used Knowledge

SPACEPOL adheres to an iterative business model which includes research, publishing and consulting. This important scientific business cycle includes prompt knowledge dissemination and collection of feedback from both the scientific community and from empirical experience gained in the course of concrete business operations in the field. The time-tested processes of academic peer-review, editorial review and content revision based upon the gathered feedback are strictly adhered to at SPACEPOL Academic Publishers.

To Put The Science and The Art ahead of a Quick Profit

All commercial enterprises must draw a profit from their activities. However, that is only one consideration for an academic publisher dedicated to the furthering of cutting-edge science and with a long-standing culture of professional pride. Every book or journal published by SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is constantly reviewed during the publishing process to ensure that every possibility for increasing its utility to readers, its lifetime and its its influence on the body of knowledge has been explored. Every book or journal produced by SPACEPOL is designed to be a classic and an item to be proudly collected and archived by international libraries.

To be The Provider par excellence of Knowledge to Global Leaders

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is a producer of high-end journals and books designed to meet and exceed the expectations of universities, government libraries, international organizations and most of the Fortune 500 corporations. We are a global provider of cutting-edge academic texts directed to providing academics and leaders in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East with strategically important knowledge.

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