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Book Jobbers and Wholesalers Needed for Books That Almost Sell Themselves

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | SPACEPOL Academic Publishers produces scientific and corporate publications that are highly unique and often answer urgent questions which government agencies and international organizations are asking. Governments, businesses and agencies aren't always sure where to look for these answers and they are often unaware that a publication has clearly and effectively addressed the issues they are struggling with.

This is where you might have an important mission to accomplish!

Be the Essential Link between Your Region and the Know-how It is Seeking!

If you have a functional enterprise, a good network and the necessary skills to market great high-knowledge products to libraries, universities, government and international organizations, you may wish to consider becoming a wholesaler of our publications in your area.

Wholesalers located in Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, Baltics and the Middle East enjoy a rare potential book market for our titles estimated in the hundreds of thousands. While we constantly develop and produce new knowledge in various forms of media, we simply lack the resources to cater to all of these potential markets.

Therefore, new local wholesalers have a potent new product line and a potential new revenue source right at their doorstep.

Simply Stock or Go Exclusive

If you wish to become a local wholesaler of our publications in your country or region, it can be as easy as simply stocking our items. At this level of commitment, you really don't even need to contact us at all. You simply order our items from Ingram in the UK, the US or Australia. You will automatically receive a wholesaler discount if you are a registered enterprise. You are always welcome to contact us for supporting information and materials about the SPACEPOL titles and products you stock. And if an author course, lecture or tour is scheduled for your area, you will be informed of that and asked whether you would care to organize or sponsor a speaking event. All speaking events or appearances in your area will refer potential buyers to your company or supply chain partners.

You can opt to become an exclusive supplier of SPACEPOL publications within a limited geographical area which per our agreement your enterprise feasibly can service. This exclusive arrangement requires that you are familiar with the history, policies and business culture at SPACEPOL Academic Publishers. It also requires that you pre-stock a minimum number of copies of each item ranging from 100 to 2000 copies, depending upon the nature of and potential market for the title in question. We provide a higher level of support for your marketing activities and deal exclusively with you for all matters concerning the agreed geographical region.

The added level of support to our exclusive wholesalers includes:

  • A dedicated representative willing ensure that your orders are expedited
  • Priority marketing materials tailored to your needs
  • Influence on the geographical schedule of releases and appearances
  • Referrals to your enterprise of all queries originating in your region

Are You Interested?

If you are interested in testing the sales potential of our high-knowledge products in your area without becoming an exclusive wholesaler, you can conveniently get started by choosing the option "Orders and Queries by Mail" from the right-hand working menu. Simply choose the Ingram Books offices serving your region and stock the appropriate quantity for your potential market. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information which is not available at the SPACEPOL website.

If you currently wish to become an exclusive wholesaler of our products in your area, you are welcome to contact us by choosing the option "Contact Us by Form" from the working menu on the right. We will promptly provide you with the reading and other requirements to become an exclusive wholesaler of SPACEPOL products.

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