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Reference Work and Biographical Handbook Releases for 2015

Our reference and biographical line of products contains the following popular items due for release this year:

ISBN13: 978-0-9812475-1-9
Title NordicSpace 2012
Author/Editor Njålsson, Gunnar K. A., ed.
Release 2015-12-29 (firm estimate)

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

NordicSpace 2012 : who's who in the Nordic and Canadian space industry / Gunnar K.A. Njålsson, editor-in-chief.

Includes index.

ISBN 978-0-9812475-1-9

1. Astronautics--Scandinavia--Biography--Dictionaries. 1. Astronautics--Canada--Biography--Dictionaries. 3. Aerospace industries--Scandinavia--Biography--Dictionaries. 4. Aerospace industries--Canada--Biography--Dictionaries. 5. Space sciences-- Scandinavia--Biography--Dictionaries. 6. Space sciences--Canada-- Biography--Dictionaries. I. Njålsson, Gunnar K. A. (Gunnar Kari Alexander), 1968- II. Title: Who's who in the Nordic and Canadian space industry.

TL789.85.A1N67 2012    629.4092'2     C2012-900472-3

Product Line Information

The SPACEPOL Academic Publishers Reference Publications product line consists of series and one-off monographs directed to the professional and university communities. These are Aerospace and Defense-related directories and biographical reference works pertaining to the fields of Astronautics and Space Law. Space agencies, governments, embassies, universities, libraries and many of the Fortune 500 corporations regularly source items from this product line.

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