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A Programme for the Deposit of High-knowledge Resources

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers has recently implemented a corporate programme designed to assist national libraries and other prominent institutions in acquiring and disseminating strategic and high-value knowledge produced at SPACEPOL. The programme is intended to be of benefit both to the receiving institutions and to SPACEPOL Academic Publishers. Libraries or agencies receive one or more copies of SPACEPOL journals and books free of charge. In return, they effectively catalogue and distribute information about the titles nationally and regionally. The areas of strategic and high-value knowledge vary each year but have included:

  • National Innovation and Technology Policy
  • International Law, including Space Law
  • Strategies for High-knowledge Enterprises and Expatriate Companies
A Preparation for Upcoming Courses, Exchanges and Consulting

When the national receiving libraries or agencies succeed in effectively utilizing the received materials and disseminating the information, the result can be increased scientific and innovation exchanges between SPACEPOL and the recipient country. If sufficient interest is present in the receiving country, courses can be offered to ministries and agencies in areas of local or regional strategic importance. The literature and materials provided through the programme offer an efficient means to not only prepare for upcoming educational activities; but aid just as much in the presentation of good questions and priorities well in advance of courses or consulting operations.

Latest Update: 2016-02-09
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