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Scientific and Academic Publication Releases for 2017-2018

Our scientific serial, book and university textbook line of products contains the following popular items due for release this year:

ISBN13 978-0-9812475-8-8
Title Technological Revolution as Political Coup D'état
Edition World Edition of 978-952-99508-4-3
Author/Editor Njålsson, Gunnar K. A.
Release 2018-05-25

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Njålsson, Gunnar K. A. (Gunnar Kari Alexander), 1968-

    Technological revolution as political coup d'état : developing an objective and systematic science of public technology policy analysis / Gunnar K. A. Njålsson.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 978-0-9812475-8-8

    1.Information technology--Government policy. 2.Information technology-- political aspects. I.SPACEPOL Academic II.Title.

HC79.I55.N53 2012     303.48'33     C2009-901979-5

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The SPACEPOL Academic Publishers Scientific and Academic Publications product line consists of series, journals and individual monographs directed to the professional and university communities. Titles in this category have been peer-reviewed in accordance with current academic standards. They are further developed after a stringent process of editorial review which is designed to ensure that all new releases fill a pertinent need, have a concrete influence on the body of knowledge in the subject area and will remain relevant for as long as possible.

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