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Small, Personal and Open to Trade and Joint Ventures

In a nutshell, the above describes the characteristics of our favourite trading partners. SME's are important to us. Personal contact with our trading partners, both suppliers and buyers, is a necessity in order to make a difference. We prefer to trade with companies in countries that are responsive to our products and services and willing to buy them. SPACEPOL avoids doing business with protectionist markets giving preference to open economies wherever possible.

Products and Services from Russia, CIS, Baltics and eastern Europe

While in no way excluding other regions or countries interested in new trade and ventures, the above caption sums up who we most often work with in a mutually beneficial manner. Below are some of the major product and service categories containing items we are most likely to buy in the near future. The listings are current as of 2017-09-01 and are updated once per quarter.

We are currently interested in products and services in these categories:

  • FSC Codes:
    • 7030-Computer De-bugging or Bugging Detection Software
    • 7030-X.400 Messaging MTA and Clients at Large Discount
    • 7030-Computer Security Software (drive encryption)
    • 7030-Computer PKI Software, Including Certificate Issue and Management
    • 5811-Other Cryptographic Equip.
  • NAICS Codes:
    • 541110 - Reputational Monitoring and Cyberspace Legal Services
    • 424920 - Book Distribution Services and Wholesalers Experienced in Selling Academic Books
  • UNSPC Codes (Primary):
    • 43233200 - X-400 Messaging MTA and Clients at Large Discount
    • 43233200 - Computer Debugging and Security/Protection Software (encryption)
    • 83112203 - Non-US/Scandinavia-based Virtual Private Network Services at Discount
Make an Offer and Clearly Indicate a Discount

When making an offer or contacting us for the first time, please use the "Make an Offer" option and contact us by form. Should the offer be relevant to the listed codes in force at the time, you will be contacted by a representative of our Supplier Relations Division.

Latest Update: 2017-09-04

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