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Providing the Information You Need When You Need It

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | SPACEPOL Academic Publishers provides updated information around the clock and in most cases free of charge to libraries, wholesalers, bookstores and agencies worldwide. This page includes information and a customized working menu with your particular situation and needs in mind.

Universities and Colleges Have Access to Cutting-edge Knowledge and Our Authors

Because we are a specialized academic and scientific publisher, we not only provide the world of learning with the latest knowledge in new and exciting fields; but are able in many cases to help universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning jump-start the spread of knowledge through our author-expert-sharing services.

In addition to providing strategically valuable and state-of-the-art materials for your courses or research material collections, we offer the expertise of the authors and researchers themselves via multimedia and onsite lectures. We can also provide course aids and author appearances or lectures tailored to the particular needs of your courses or training program. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to check the availability of these added services for your geographical area.

Find Information about Current and Planned Releases

You will find a customized working menu to the right. Please choose an option relevant to your particular needs or task. You will find further human-readable information on various titles sorted according to product line by using the left-hand menu.

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