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Our Unique Expertise ,

If you are a representative of a government agency or academic institution looking for a competent consulting firm, you are most likely interested in what sets each firm apart from the others. Some firms specialize in particular branches or disciplines. Other firms are known for their previous successful projects or unique approach to the challenges that your institution has.

SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting has several unique features that might make the difference between simply hiring a familiar name or actually creating the right environment and chemistry for projects that stand out from the crowd. In addition to providing multilingual and mature consulting competence, we have a business model that literally forces the organization to learn, grow and change.

Fiercely Independent, Alert, Innovative

Our particular areas of expertise include National Innovation Strategy, Comparative Technology Policy, National Data Asset Security through Technological Divergence, Alternatives or Complements to the Internet, Data Asset Protection against Corporate and Government Espionage, Government Online, Alternatives to Internet E-mail, National Economic Re-alignment to Avoid US Hegemony, Strategies for Immigrant/Minority-owned Businesses in Discriminatory Markets, National Strategies for Combating Brain Drain and Talent Flight as well as Space Law and Technology-related training.

How We can Help Government and the Scholarly Community

SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting can provided consulting, courses and professional research in many areas related to our expertise. Among our concrete offerings are the following:

  • pilot studies and evaluations of public policy
  • analysis of current cultural and policy weaknesses, including those of competitor nations
  • analysis of potentially unexploited technological niches or strengths
  • guidance on hardening against mass surveillance or espionage
  • in-house/agency resident consultant in our areas of competence
  • re-use or combination of past and existing technologies to increase security
  • guidance in technological divergence and assertion of national sovereignty over data assets
  • creation of policy programmes based upon scientific examination
  • university-level research in each of our areas of expertise
  • creation and management of Eurasia-based alternative cryptography hub projects
  • courses and guides tailored to the needs of your institution
  • The legal situs of this website is the Russian Federation. EU and international copyright laws also apply.

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