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SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting,

SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting is a Technology Policy, National Innovation Strategy and Space Law consulting firm serving public sector agencies in Eurasia and Latin America. We help our clients identify problems that are hampering their successful competition with countries such as the United States, the UK, Australia and China. We assist them in identifying new areas of potential growth and leadership which may in some cases allow them to overtake their current competitors.

We do this by looking at problems from a unique vantagepoint, by offering realistic solutions based upon a thorough grasp of history and current trends, employing a fiercely independent approach which emphasises sustainability and wisdom.

Information about SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting

General information about the consulting firm, its areas of expertise and research or development activities can be found on this open-access website. Due to the nature of consulting in general and strategic consulting in particular, certain information about the company and its current and past clients is restricted.

Some course information and a number of guides addressed to the business and government community are available on this website and free of charge. Attribution is required when these freely-available materials are used in any context outside of this website.

Government Tender Information

The following general GTIN and UNSPC Codes apply to the services offered by SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting:

  • B506 Economic Studies
  • B507 Legal Studies
  • B305 Intelligence Studies
  • AJ00 General Science and Technology
  • 80101505 Corporate, Agency Objectives or Policy Development
  • The legal situs of this website is the Russian Federation. EU and international copyright laws also apply.

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