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Guides and Resources - Technology Security and Policy ,

This webpage provides a sampling of guides and resources produced at The SPACEPOL Corporation and freely available to a wider readership. The resources are made available under the standard Attribution License.

Released 2015-01-11:

Gunnar's Basic Internet Security Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide the global corporate internet community with a plain-language warning and source of suggestions to help improve the current state of internet security and decrease the ability of governments and competing businesses to engage in industrial espionage. It is not a complete guide. It is not to be viewed as concrete advice for policy in the case of individual businesses. It is not legal advice.

The guide is aimed primarily at a European, Russian and Latin American audience and expresses opinions from that vantage point. Concretely, the point of departure is that European, Russian and Latin American businesses have every right to protect themselves from privacy violations and spying in accordance with the legislation of their sovereign nations.

Pages: 23
ISBN: 9780981247595 (PDF) | 9781987881004 (HTML)
Language: english
Alternative Format(s): HTML | PDF
Keywords:  data asset security, internet security, industrial espionage, mass surveillance
User License: Standard Academic Attribution (European Union)


The Legal Context of Space Programmes
Slides: 7
Released: 2006-10-07 (Canadian Space Agency Talk)
Language: english
Alternative Format(s): HTML | PDF
Keywords:  space law, national space programmes, international space programmes, international law of outer space, courses, lectures
User License: Standard Academic Attribution (European Union)

The legal situs of this website is the Russian Federation. EU and international copyright laws also apply.

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