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About Our Company ,

Since 2008, the consulting enterprise SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting has been part of The SPACEPOL Corporation. Prior to this the firm developed out of a series of research projects led by Gunnar K. A. Njalsson. Upon graduating from the University of Helsinki in Finland, Mr. Njalsson founded SPACEPOL International Research Network for Space Law and IT Policy. In 1998 the network was based in the city of Espoo, Finland and focused on academic research in the fields of Space Law and Public Technology Management. The network left Finland behind and became a Canadian consulting enterprise in 2005.

Since 2005 SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting has assisted universities, government agencies and the scholarly community in various capacities, including the provision of training, research and guidelines. Fields of expertise have included Space Law, Technology Policy, Strategic Policies for National Innovation and case studies on the subject of Brain Drain.

Canadian, European, Global

Currently, SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting has its corporate seat in Quebec, Canada. Our consulting team and partners include Canadian and EU citizens who are multilingual, mature and have extensive experience from various countries in Latin America, northern Europe and the Baltic Region. Our clients are Canadian, European Union and Russian academic institutions and government bodies. SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting has been an active provider of expert feedback and advice to Industry Canada, the Canadian Space Agency and the global academic community in areas ranging from development of Space Law, future Canadian corporate legislation and Internet Security issues.

Cyclical Model of Research, Consulting and Publishing

SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting is an important part of the circular or cyclical business model employed by The SPACEPOL Corporation and its various arms. We are a learning and teaching organization. The enterprise and our expertise are constantly evolving.

From high quality research we gain the basic tools needed to help our clients. By consulting and working with our clients, we gain important practical insights related to the problems and solutions we work with. This combination of theoretical and practical learning leads to firm knowledge grounded in science and practice. The combination of theoretical and empirical expertise helps us publish and train with a level of professional maturity that would otherwise not be possible.

Our commitment as a corporation to this learning and teaching model is one of factors that makes SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting unique among the myriad of consulting firms competing for business today.

The legal situs of this website is the Russian Federation. EU and international copyright laws also apply.

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