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Current Research and Development at SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting ,

Research and development projects are carried out at The SPACEPOL Corporation in accordance with academic and industry-specific standards. Such standards include the process of peer review and meeting the requirements for publication in vetted scientific publications. All current research projects meet these standards. Previous research projects have also received extensive competition- based funding from scientific bodies and foundations in two or more countries.

Current projects and those nearing completion can be found on this page. Researchers and organizations seeking to partner with SPACEPOL Government Policy Consulting or with individual consultant-researchers are welcome to make an expression of interest via the EU Framework Programme for Research Funding. Expressions of research cooperation interest are also accepted through CONICET Argentina.

Nearing Completion 2017

Technological Revolution as Political Coup D'état
Commenced:  2002-09-21 Univ. Helsinki, Finland
Funding: Various Councils, Foundations Finland, Sweden
Status: Nearing Completion Fall 2015 with 1 Dissertation, 1 Textbook
Subject Code(s): TECH GOVT PUBL BUS079000 POL063000

The project includes first-hand research designed to create a model for better analysing who is involved in deciding various 'Information Society' expenditures from public monies in countries such as Canada, Finland and Sweden.

As a result of an extensive review of empirical information from these and other countries a model for better analysis of lobbying activities and influence from the technology sector is created. The model is referred to as the Integrated Model for Public Technology Policy Analysis (IMPTA). The resulting textbook assembles the IMPTA and illustrates its use for comparing the formation of information technology policy in Canada, Finland and Sweden.

Ongoing Projects 2015-2018 (Non-classified)

Securing Europe's Data Assets in the Wake of NSA: Alternatives to Current Technologies and Standards
Commenced:  2017-01-11 --Seeking University Partners--
Funding: --undisclosed--
Status: Commencing Work, Project Plan Completed
Subject Code(s): TECH GOVT PUBL COM083000 POL066000

The project combines the subjects of Public Policy and Computer Science in order to reflect on the current technologies in widespread use from the viewpoint of national security, privacy and counter-espionage.

Project goals include involving a wide range of EU and Russian/Eurasian institutions and academics in academic and practical deliberations on the subject of technological convergence vs. technological divergence in solving the problem and proposing solutions. Among the results of the project, it is hoped that concrete deliberations on the creation of alternative encyption/operating system hubs in Europe and Latin America will commence.

The legal situs of this website is the Russian Federation. EU and international copyright laws also apply.

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